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Dirty Little Secret - Ella Sheridan If you liked this author's [b:I, Omega|12085447|I, Omega|Kari Gregg|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1314391002s/12085447.jpg|17053509], you will likely enjoy this book. Similar themes in it. Shane was very similar to Gabriel in his body needing to be near his mate. I happened to love I, Omega so really enjoyed this one. We get dropped right into the story and have to pick some things up as we go along. That was both good and bad. I didn't understand what the cats looked like until close to half way through the story (negative) but was experiencing things as Shane did (positive).

This author built a really imaginative world - a sexy m/m counterpart with a Hunger Games kind of feel to it. It also has a lot of sex - which I tend to expect from this author and enjoyed :). The initial chase between Shane and Lore was very hot with how Lore toyed with Shane. The mating bite and how Shane came to need Lore was nice and spicy. He grew to love his cat and when his cat finally committed, he went all out.

Enjoyed this sexy novella. Would have liked it a little longer to see Shane settle in with Lore's tribe.
Whiskey and Wry - Rhys Ford This was a great addition to this series. Good mix of stories in this between Damie and Sionn falling in love, Damie and Miki reconnecting, and the story of who was after Damie (hint, a real creep).

You could feel the brother bond between Miki and Damie. How these two needed each other in their lives and how seamlessly they reconnected. The fact that Kane and Sionn were related helped although those guys are quite different, but then so are Damie and Miki. They needed different kind of guys to love him. There were some gaps for me that I was willing to just ignore for the story - like how Damie's body was missed in the crash and how he could be hid in the hospital so long being the public figure he was. But, I love this author's work and just let that go.

I'm a big Kane and Miki fan so really enjoyed those cameos and the check in on how they are doing as a couple. Loved Miki speaking up with pride about his cop and how Kane just gets Miki. Completely. Dude is still Dude. Donal is the father every kid should have.

And talk about a surprise at the end of the story! I was not expecting that brother to get his story next. Looking forward to book 3!
Love on a Wing and a Prayer - T.A. Webb Nice military short for LHNB event. Had a good, realistic build to it.

Would love a followup with Gio and Alex :)
Capture & Surrender - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov Oh, boy, we get some rent boys, a hot 40 year old, a hot younger military guy, some domination and fantasy capture scenes and one heck of a story. Two guys with a whole lot of tough history come together with one trying to fight the attraction. The paintball scenes were very hot - loved how Stephan knew what he wanted and went after it even when he wondered if he was reading the mixed signals right. Made for some very hot domination/fantasy scenes.

However, this book also packs an incredible emotional punch that I was not expecting. I also enjoyed the longer length of this one - we had time to really get to know these characters and see a story develop. Although I wish we could have gotten some POVs from Stephan (this is written entirely from Frank's POV), it all worked for me and I can't complain much.

I appreciate these authors not only writing a steamy book in a series I have come to adore, but to also take on a tough subject and show the humans behind it. I especially liked that the authors didn't take the easy way out when Frank not only disclosed his positive status, but admitted that it was he who had likely infected his partner. Would have been easy for the authors to blame it all on the dead partner. They didn't and it made the story and Frank's turmoil more believable and real life to have had him being the one living with the guilt. The scene with Chris brought home the fear out there by those in the gay community and how those who are positive still remain somewhat of outcasts. It also brought a very healthy discussion of safe activities into the book.

Going on my favorites shelf for future re-reads. Please tell me there is more to this series - Raoul needs a story!!!!

Highly recommend this book to my GR friends. It can be read as a standalone. For my GR friends who aren't big fans of BDSM, you can skip those scenes without losing out on the wonderful story.
In the Right Light - G.B. Gordon Another really nice short for the LHNB event. I could feel Jamie's unhappiness about his future and loss of dreams. Danny was the ray of sunshine to let him dream again. Very nice story.
Las Palabras De Amor - Words of Love - K-lee Klein Emotional little short for LHNB event.
Scrum - P.D. Singer Robin was adorable. Nice short for LHNB event.
Las Palabras De Amor - Words of Love - K-lee Klein Emotional little short for LHNB event.
Scrum - P.D. Singer Robin was adorable. Nice short for LHNB event.
One Week - K. Mason I was pretty irritated with Nick and his avoidance but enjoyed this LHNB short.
A Fragile Love - Les Joseph Wow, does this story in the LHNB event pack an emotional punch. I love established couple stories in shorts. This one had such a real life vibe to it as the couple struggled with their feelings and place in their relationship. Very well done. Nicely fit the prompt.
Surrogate Species - Mother Kali All kinds of wrong but I couldn't stop reading. Just wrong.
Complicated - J.J. Cassidy This was much more in depth than I expected for the free LHNB event. It's a long, detailed story with lots of characters. Even with all the characters, I was able to keep track of everyone and the author kept the main focus on our heroes while giving us interest with supporting characters.

Great world building and it's the story of 2 MCs and their families. The families play a critical role in the story and I liked getting to know them. Trey was somewhat at a crossroads - he loved his family but was entering his first real relationship. Reiner, although a shifter like Trey, had grown up a bit more sheltered and it was a whole new world for him with Trey and Trey's family. I did like the backstory with Trey's parents being menage and how Trey loved each of these 3 parents and they loved him in return. Seriously, the story of how these 3 hooked up was a story needing to be told!

The guys started a relationship with all its new relationship complications but, lots of sex. Including a bit of realism by having the male penis having barbs like a jaguar which complicated what Trey and Reiner could do sexually - or in the case of Trey's dads - still do!. Trey's dads sounded very hot :). Trey's family dynamics weren't brushed over - including Reiner trying to figure out who was who and whose. :)

This was a really enjoyable read without a lot of heavy angst but some wonderful world building. The story wasn't overly complicated and very enjoyable. Thanks so much to the author for such an in depth story for this event.
Bound By Lies - Lynn Kelling I have had a really hard time coming up with a review and a rating for this book. Overall, I found it very messy but part of that messiness was what made it enjoyable. I go back and forth on some things. There were parts of this story I absolutely loved and parts that made me really cringe.

I do not need my MCs to be perfect but these two MCs were such a royal mess. They were both screwed up and because of that the things they did didn't always make the most sense and ended up being, well, messy as well. The BDSM scenes were hot and also cumbersome and - here's that word again - messy. Mistakes are made by both. Jenner wasn't the most safest of doms but he's around 23 and still learning. I cringed in some areas but I would expect that there are likely some mistakes because I didn't always believe Jenner was as experienced in being a dom as he felt - especially for a sub lasting more than a single night. Brayden needs to be forced and dominated and Jenner is willing to do so. Brayden's family history causes him to really need a strong support system which he has to build and he's so shy and tormented that it's not always easy. He's also 22 and inexperienced. It takes the book for these guys to figure each other out - only after they figure themselves out and deal with some past histories. Lots of trial and error. They are an imperfect pair who could complement each other well. The support at the end for both MCs was nice.

There were some nice supporting characters in this as well. I loved Callum - yum! There were also a few WTF moments like Jenner's friends doubting him and whether he was hurting Brayden. These long time friends still didn't know Jenner enough. Again...everyone was messy :)

The tense used for the writing would also throw me out of the story a bit at times but that's a separate issue. If this is a confused review - it's because I'm confused in my feelings for this book.
Generation Stables - Carolyn Faulkner I can't believe I read this. This would fit on the Depraved Mind Club bookshelves...twisted, twisted, twisted. Too non con for my boundaries - especially on the body modification for me to get rid of my uneasiness. I think if that part hadn't been there or if it had been dub con, I could have handled better because there was some serious kinky stuff here that I've read before and not had big issues with. It was just too much with the non con and body mods added in. This author's stories can connect well with me or push me too far past my personal boundaries - like this one did.
Danny's Dom - Nick Hasse First novella by this author apparently...and, I would like to read more. The story was a bit all over the place. There was simply too much going on, especially for a novella. I think if it had EITHER been contemporary or fantasy it would have worked better than trying to combine both into a novella. It was a bit messy as a result. HOWEVER...the author wrote some very nice and intense domination/submission scenes and had that been the focus - a master hiding something from his sub, I think it would have worked very well. Or, a longer story to really get into the fantasy aspect while still having some dom/sub scenes would have worked. As it was, the fantasy aspect of it was the weakest part in my opinion. I think it's fairly common for first time authors to try to shove too much into the story.

Will definitely watch for more from this author, however.