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Enslaved (Shameful Desires, #1) - P.J. Proud I'm not really sure how to rate this book. It's a heavy book and I have mixed feelings on it. This story is about Andre and Jeremy who meet after Jeremy writes a story that is picked up for a movie in which Andre is selected to star based upon Jeremy's demand. What follows is the two men trying to come to terms with their need and desire for each other. However, their needs are on the heavy sadism/masochism side and both feel embarassed about these needs initially and struggle with it. Some of the scenes were difficult for me to read through because of the level of physical contact (which I can't imagine personally), but, at the same time, the couple intrigued me in how they desired and fulfilled each other and were learning together.

Mistakes are made on both sides as well as they are both adjusting to themselves and their growing feelings for each other and trying to learn what they are. Both men clearly have their faults and aren't perfect in their decision making but their growing care for each other became obvious as the book goes along. There's also a good share of angst as the couple struggles with public appearances, the need to hide their relationship and the uncertainty about their future. Warning: This is not a book for BDSM beginners. It's also a story of a master/slave relationship so, if that bothers you, this book isn't for you. It's raw and painful how much Jeremy needs what he only can trust Andre to give him. However, they get their HEA.

An annoying part of the book was the tense that the writer used through out but it wasn't enough to take away from the story for me. Some other things I didn't like was that a number of the initial scenes appeared to be more in anger than anything. Although it appeared that Andre had some semblance of control, I was never quite certain if he did or if that was part of his learning to become a better master for his sub. I also didn't like the lack of discussion about going condomless either or how Jeremy got written to be somewhat self destructive at a point in the book because he doesn't have Andre. Lots of mixed feelings - probably more a 3.5 - because it was intriguing and kept me reading despite my concerns.