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Vampire Trinity - Joey W. Hill This book is a common re-read for me but I hadn't done a review since I read it before joining GR. Out of 5 stars, it's a 10 star read. An all time fave. Gideon is a favorite in all my romance/erotica reading but Daegan is a close 2nd and Anwyn fits perfectly with them. They are a true trinity and this is an excellent follow up to Vampire Mistress. You do need to read Vampire Mistress to enjoy this book. You could get by not having read the others in the series, however, as this book focuses almost entirely on Gideon, Daegan and Anwyn.

Gideon is so smart mouthed and fun. Yet, he's also incredibly brave and loyal. He adds the needed balance to the dark and brooding Daegan. He's not afraid to challenge Daegan and Daegan is, for the most part, ok with that because it's usually with Anwyn's best interests at heart.

As Gideon describes it, Daegan is the leader of their little army. Daegan's first instinct is to protect what is his and he loves at all costs whether they like it or not. It's clearly Anwyn and Gideon who he loves even if he doesn't say it. He's truly one of actions speaking louder than words. Anwyn through this series has been trying to gain her confidence since becoming a vamp. Despite this, she recognizes what her and Daegan need and it's Gideon. She sees through Gideon's walls and does what she has to to help him. Even when he doesn't think he needs it and even when it breaks her heart.

The sex is sizzling, especially when it comes to the interaction between Gideon and Daegan. Oh, myyyyyyyyyyy. Are those two smokin' together.

Anwyn takes on the domme role when it comes to Gideon. I haven't found many domme books I like but Joey Hill does them well. Gideon remains true to himself while still showing his desire to submit and protect. He remains a strong figure and fighter but someone who very much needs to love, serve and protect someone in his way. For him, it's clearly Anwyn and Daegan but it's hard for him to admit his submissive needs to serve and his desire for Daegan when he had never been attracted to males before. Anwyn and Daegan are both masters to Gideon but Daegan is the true leader of their little army.

This book is not for the faint of heart. It's bloody, brutal, hard core, with vamps and all their dark ways. It's also an incredibly positive story of finding love and happiness. Joey Hill's writing is always incredibly well done. She's my favorite author and an auto buy.

If you love the story of Gideon, Anwyn and Daegan, check out the free vignette and character interviews the author has posted in her fan forum...you'll love them!