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Hard and Fast - Jack  Greene I was really, really liking this. Loved Paul's voice and the affectionate nickname he gave Nick. Was a fun read for most of it. The BDSM scenes were spicy enough to hold my attention.

However, it killed me when we discovered Nick had been banging the twink guy - did we get his name? - while also sleeping with Paul. Yeah, they hadn't talked going exclusive so I don't see it as cheating but Paul thought they were there and it crushed him (and me). Really hurt the love story for me - especially when they didn't really discuss being exclusive later when they reconnected. Although I did like it that Nick was the one who kind of came crawling back - as much as Nick could. Had this been something longer that I had paid for, I would have thrown my Nook at the wall after that scene but I'm willing to forgive because it's a free short and I appreciate the author doing it and guys can be idiots - especially when they are falling in love for the first time.