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Forgotten - Traxie I had a tough time with this and probably shouldn't have continued reading it. Although Devin is 18, the abuse he suffered prior to turning 18 (and even after under Keeran) is not something I enjoy in my pleasure reading. He is clearly at a lower mental capacity given his abuse and captivity than someone who is typically 18 and that made me very uncomfortable in my reading.

Devin was so mentally harmed by what occurred. Throughout his short life, he was forced to have all his focus on everyone else but him, because by not, it meant incredible physical and mental pain. He learned to not want anything, to not desire...to just be. To turn himself off so the harm done to him was at a level he could somehow manage. He had to become overly analytical in his own head, playing every moment over and over; trying to read every reaction by a person and how it would affect him. I hated that. My heart broke for him.

I couldn't get past why Keeran didn't think that Devin could have been where he was rescued by choice? It was beyond me. He was clearly ill, had been abused and terrified. The abuse he suffered by Keeran and his men was too much after all we knew Devin had been through. The fact Keeran's men so easily abused Devin also bothered me.

I did like the relationship that developed with Snake/Joey and Devin although I remain mystified at Joey taking Devin out without getting Keeran's permission first. I also liked how Keeran tried to fix some wrongs but it happened so late and then there were serious missteps (like Keeran threatening Devin with the whip-WTF???). I also liked seeing Devin make some strides forward when he first said "No" to both Keeran and Snake but it took so very long for that very small step.

The ending was a little odd...part of me liked how Devin took a chance with Keeran while the other part of me found it hard to imagine that relationship ever working given their history. I still couldn't believe Keeran would ever completely control his temper or his jumping to conclusions. That left me shaking my head a bit at the ending.