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Dirty Laundry - Heidi Cullinan This is my favorite kind of m/m romance. Guys were are not what society view as "normal" but are good, decent people who are struggling with things in life and still good, decent people. I like underdog stories and this one met that big time. It was clear that both guys had their insecurities although Adam's was more obvious. Them meeting and starting a relationship slowly allowed both of them to become stronger individually. Yes, there was a lot of bumps along the way and that made the route to happiness so much more worthwhile. The book was mostly written from Adam's viewpoint. Adam's struggle with his disability was so well written. You felt right there with Adam when he struggled. Denver had his own insecurities. I also appreciated that Denver made a lot of positive steps, particularly when it came to being patient with Adam and adding in the kink Adam needed to stabilize, he wasn't mistake free all knowing dom. I liked that.

I also liked the opposite attracts angle to the story. Nice set of supporting characters - especially Louisa. Loved her. Although the cover isn't necessarily drool worthy stud models - it fit these guys and I like it. Loved the BDSM - oh, man, Denver did I love your dirty talk :)

Overall, I absolutely loved this one. Hit all the buttons I love: underdogs, bit of kink, good guys who deserve a chance.