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Mountain Prey - Lyn Gala This is now the 3rd book by this author that I have five starred. Definitely an auto buy.

This hit a good chunk of my must haves in a story. First, there was an actual story to it. Second, it had some great banter between the MCs as they fell for each other. And third, I got some nice kinky sex scenes with some excellent bondage and dirty talk. (For the BDSM haters, it's nothing too heavy.)

I loved the two MCs. Imperfect characters who had their share of screw ups but were good down deep. I enjoyed the Appalachian story and how the people who lived there weren't treated like a bunch of idiots out of Deliverance. Rarely are things so one sided. I liked that Stunt had grown up there and loved it despite the difficulties and that he understood how things worked. We got to see the Appalachian living that not everyone would agree with, but, you could hope that right decisions would get made and that not was all bad. The storyline had some scary moments and the wedding twist was fun and got the needed out of an otherwise really bad situation. Likelihood of happening? Probably pretty low but I'll take it and hope that maybe it could have happened like that.

Nice supporting cast with the Sheriff, Teresa and Elijah - proving that just because you talk slow doesn't mean you're stupid. I could see Alex/AJ and Stunt getting up to more trouble down the road so...maybe a sequel??? Please...

Highly recommend this one.