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With a Kiss - Kim Dare What an absolute beautiful story about overcoming. Story about Marcus, a vampire, who is in a coma. Liam comes to volunteer at the hospital and is assigned to sit and visit with Marcus. Liam uses this time to escape the abuse he is suffering in his life from a really bad boyfriend. Little does Liam know that Marcus is hearing every word. Over the course of 6 months, Liam shares more with Marcus than he would anyone who was awake. Eventually, in a nice little scene, Marcus wakes up with Liam's help.

Marcus was apparently a grade A jackass previous to his coma. Liam is a sweet soul who just wants to be loved and please the person he loves. After Marcus awakes, he knows Liam deeply due to all Liam has told him while he was in the coma. He has to change his ways so as to not scare or cause Liam to be upset. He learns to be a more caring lover, to take things slow and to put his submissive's needs ahead of his own.

Liam is a natural submissive who has been harmed by his previous boyfriend physically and emotionally. He feels guilt about his submissive needs as a result and doesn't trust himself anymore in trusting others. Marcus helps him to move on. A very powerful scene of healing is when Liam tells Marcus that "Some men hit their lovers, some men don’t. You don't." This is a story about overcoming abuse and being free to trust yourself to love again and judge the character of that person to not hurt you. As a result, the characters don't jump into sex in the first few scenes (or even the first 100 pages). There is a slow build as Marcus proves he can be trusted and Liam learns to stand on his own again and become willing to take a chance and love again. We hear Liam's doubts over and over again that are the result of his time of abuse. He simply doesn't believe someone could love him, let alone the perfect person he sees Marcus to be. Meanwhile, Marcus see Liam as nothing but perfection who he would do anything to go back in time and take away his hurt and keep him safe.

I really enjoyed this story and admit to getting teary eyed in several places. This also was not a short or novella but a full length book by the author. As a result, the author had the space to really allow us to get to know the characters, feel their pain and how they moved on to happiness. I've been wanting longer books by this author and she did not disappoint. I really, really enjoyed this book.

Warning: For those who struggle with reading about abuse, there is a scene that might be difficult where your heart will simply break for Liam. The scene was necessary to establish what all he was going through and to show how difficult it was going to be for him to heal and what Marcus had to overcome. Fortunately, he got the happiness he so rightly deserves.