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Before He Cheats - Kim Dare Cute, sexy novella from Kim Dare. Involves Leon, a recently out college student, and Rupert, an experienced dom successful in the corporate world. Leon is a classic, adorable submissive who hasn't realized it yet or explored d/s. Rupert has been being a good boyfriend and trying not to be a dom to influence Leon. They both know the other isn't being true to himself and miscommuniction ensues. Add in a jealous ex of Rupert's to stir up trouble and Leon feels he needs to get more aggressive in showing how he can please Rupert. The fun then begins with Leon trying one thing after another to Rupert's cautious delight.

This novella is a little longer than Ms. Dare's typical stories at 103 pages and I enjoyed the extra pages (still will take more!). I'm hoping the longer reads are a trend as her other recent book was also around 100 pages.