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Under Contract - Helen Saito Hot, hot, hot. If you like your M/M BDSM stories with some rough play, D/s and mix of sex scenes, then this is a good book to check out. The story is about Alex who wants to become a sexual slave. It's a sci fi/futuristic story where the slaves volunteer for the program, go through a training and then are put up to bid at an auction. At the auction, the slave goes to the highest bidder for an initial six month contract. The slaves have no choice on who their owners are. They also have a little choice in what the owner does unless it's an extreme danger/risk situation in which the slave does have an emergency contact number which can be called and the slave removed. At the end of each contract, the slave and owner both have the option of walking away, reupping their contract or entering into new contracts with someone else.

The story revolves around Alex who is given to Gavin to train before his auction date. Gavin used to be a slave and doesn't want to own a slave himself. He's also happily in love with his partner, Sam, who used to own slaves but hasn't since meeting Gavin. The book centers on Alex's training by Gavin to become a slave which involves a lot of rough sex, consensual humiliation and multiple partners to Alex's delight in enjoying the play and also wanting to please Gavin. This also intensifies Gavin and Sam's relationship as well. Gavin realizes he wants Alex for him and Sam. Gavin and Sam need to come to terms as to whether to bid for Alex or not which makes for a good story outside the sexual scenes. There's also some interesting secondary characters as well. Scorching hot sex scenes with a variety of types of bdsm and sexual play. For those who need HEAs, the guys get their HEA as well (which is why I'm marking this review as a spoiler).

When you're looking for something hot and naughty, this might be your book :)