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To Command and Collar - Cherise Sinclair This is a very good BDSM book that continues the Shadowlands series. The D/s relationship between Kim and Raoul goes deeper into BDSM than previous books. There is also a very realistic and heart wrenching story of human slavery as Kim and Raoul work to uncover the bad guys. Raoul is a great dom but not without his faults. His heart has been broken too. Kim is incredibly strong and keeps forging forward despite the horror she's experienced but you get to see her struggles in dealing with her capture. They both have to work to trust and overcome their pasts.

Enjoyed both characters. Raoul is probably my 2nd favorite dom in this series (no one has touched Nolan yet for me). We get to revisit previous characters and I couldn't help but smirk when Gabi and Jessica kept their "bratty" reputations with their indulgent doms :) The author has also done a nice job in changing the D/s relationships in each book so not repetitive.

This book has a much edgier story than the others in the series, similar to Breaking Free (my fave in the series). Both were similar in having heroines who were overcoming extreme abuse. Unfortunately, we see too often these heroines who are submissives being written to be saved by the hero and soley relying on them...in both these books, we had rescuing heroes but the gals were strong and fought just as hard and worked to save their doms as much as their doms fought to save them. Loved that.

Hope the author continues the series with either a Sam-Linda book (would be great for those of us in our 40s to read about a m/f couple in their 40s too) and/or a Kouros-Sally-Buchanan because Sally is too much for just one guy.

Warning: This is a D/s story about a consensual Master/slave relationship so, if that's not your cup of reading tea, best try something else.