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Push - Sean Michael I'm a fan of the Hammer series but some how let this book sit in my TBR since its release. I'm glad I finally got around to reading it because I really enjoyed it.

Unlike most of the other Hammer books, we more clearly see the struggles of a couple as they slowly get to know and trust each other as they advance into a commited relationship. We see the getting to know each other's personalities, likes, don't likes and quirks. We see the misunderstandings when you don't know or trust the other completely yet. How Gordon and Frank ventured into some BDSM play also appeared very realistic to me because it was a gradual progression. The D/s play was fairly minimal although always kind of hanging there as a possibility. It was a different relationship than most of the other Hammer books where the D/s has been more traditional with a strong dom and clear sub. Gordon was clearly the top and Frank the bottom but it was not the typical Hammer D/s story (which I enjoy reading about as well). This book is also a little longer than some of the other books so we got to see more of the couple as they become a cohesive unit.

I enjoyed both MCs. I also liked the fact that Gordon and Frank were both a little older than the typical Hammer MCs. Although their ages are never given, it appears they are at least in their 40s. There was enough story angst to keep my heart engaged as well, especially for Frank who brought some significant baggage into the relationship. I also enjoyed Gordon's patience and how clearly his caring of Frank came through.

Overall, this is probably one of my faves in the Hammer series (with Bent, Burn and Forged) because it was so different for the series. Was a really nice change and helped give me the proper backstory for Gordon and Frank who pop up in other Hammer books.