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Sins of the Father - Fyn Alexander This is a series that I continue to enjoy. The third book in the Angel and the Assassin series focuses very heavily on Kael. In this book, he's questioning himself and his actions far more than he has in the other books. Angel continues to want to only please his "Daddy" but he's not always happy with Kael's choices for him and Kael slowly begins to realize how much Angel's unhappiness bothers him. Because of his difficulties in handling his own self doubt about whether he is or is not a good person, Kael strikes out at Angel in a scene. I do not support hitting someone in anger. I cringed reading that scene but it was handled well with Kael immediately recognizing he had gone too far and working to remedy and reassure that it wouldn't happen again. I would probably have been worried except Kael's love for Angel is so clear in this book and the reader is clued in as to why he overreacts. Kael is an overachiever who needs to relax. He demands perfection in himself and others. This book has him loosening that a little. Like the other books, there is some hot daddy kink and bdsm scenes.

A significant story in the book is about discovering who Kael's biological father is and learning more of Kael's history. My favorite part of the book was toward the end when Angel's love broke through and Kael let them both just have fun. There is also a really sweet scene involving Kael and Angel babysitting Freddie's daughters. Angel has brought Kael so far and Kael is realizing that he likes the person he is with Angel.

Interesting set up for future books involving how Kael's dad will or will not be involved in their lives and how Kael handles it. Overall, as a fan of the series I really enjoyed this read and anxiously await more. This is not a series for everyone, however, because it deals with an assassin and his "boy" who are into daddy kink.

Edited: Some folks have asked if there is cheating in this book. There is a scene in which Kael is tempted to cheat. After debating if he should and the effect on Angel, his answer to the guy who is hitting on him is to knock him out. Now, there has also been apparently some discussion with the author that the author may have originally intended for Kael to cheat in that scene and it was revised. I, for one, am glad Kael chose not to despite the lack of plot devices it might have caused.