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Fire Balls - Tara Lain 4.5 stars. Loved this! In this story, we have Rodney, the flamboyant, over the top, successful artist and Hunter, the big, hot, masculine fightfighter. Rodney has been secretly lusting after Hunter but unbeknownst to Rodney's friend Jerry who goes after Hunter. Jerry, on paper, is physically everything Hunter thinks he should want. Jerry is an attractive, athletic, happy, laid back guy. Nothing eccentric about him. However, your heart wants what it wants and Hunter can't stop his skin from prickling when he's around the eccentric Rodney.

Rodney keeps his feelings for Hunter to himself and is the good friend and helps Jerry land Hunter because he wants Jerry happy. Hunter and Jerry begin spending time together and having sex. However, Jerry clearly knows early on that, mentally, him and Hunter just aren't a good connection and he begins to voice his doubts to Rodney.

Rodney and Hunter can't hide their attraction and in a very hot scene, end up having sex. Now, some might view it as cheating, so be warned if that bothers you. I really didn't see it as too major. There were clear signs that Hunter and Jerry were nothing but friends with benefits and there had been no discussion of commitment between them. In fact, when Hunter is confronted about his feelings for Rodney, it's Jerry who is most happy for his two friends having already figured out that they are perfect for each other. (Don't worry about Jerry...someone already has his eye on him.)

This book is mostly about Hunter finally becoming comfortable with who he is. Rodney, over the course of the story, is the one who gets him comfortable in his own skin, with his sexuality and with what he wants to do career wise. It's a very realistic progression as Hunter addresses the issues holding him back from what he wants. Rodney doesn't really change throughout the book other than a few self doubts in wishing Hunter could want someone like him when he believes that Hunter wants Jerry. Otherwise, he's pretty comfortable in his own skin.

The other part that I really enjoyed about this book is that we have Hunter, by all physical appearances a sure alpha, being the one who desires to submit and Rodney, by all physical appearances, the smaller guy who should be the bottom, being the natural top. I enjoy it when authors let the physically bigger guy admit to enjoying being the bottom. Made the sex even hotter.

Overall, this was a really enjoyable read from me and I'll be checking out other works from this author.