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Transcend (Fillmore, #1) - West Thornhill I really wish I could rate this book higher because I loved the characters and especially enjoyed Jason and Gael. Gael was such a sympathetic character and had overcome so much and deserved to find his mate in Jason.

However, what makes me lower my rating is that there were simply too many characters being introduced, most of which seemed to be finding their mates and setting up future stories, and way too many different stories going. Introducing all the characters was fine if the attempt was to set up future books, but there were simply too many stories with all the characters. This book appears to be the first book of a series and I wish the author had maybe focused on only a couple stories while just introducing the other characters and clearly setting up the next couple or threesome for the next book.

Plus, there was a kind of a stupid action when Gael's brother (Kyle) decides he needs a break after meeting his mates and heads out for a walk and Gael doesn't stop him even though he knows someone has been watching them and the other characters are all freaking out about trouble brewing - it was done to set up the kidnapping of Gael's brother and that storyline but was pretty stupid for Gael not to think to stop him and for Kyle to be out walking alone considering what he knew.

I'll still check out the next book and hope it settles down a little. I really liked all the characters and look forward to whoever's book is next but really hope there's more focus on a couple or two the next time.

Warning: For those who need to be warned, a character is kidnapped and raped.