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The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld Series #9) - Gena Showalter I can't decide on my rating for this one. I really liked how it ended and the twists that came with the ending that will mix things up for the rest of the series.

I enjoyed the changes in Maddox with the twins arrival, I always enjoy William-Gilly, we get a little Lucien-Anya (with Sabin-Gwen my fave couples), loved Zacharel (looking forward to Angel spin off) and Galen-Legion are growing on me. I also liked that Wrath (Sienna's demon) wasn't overlooked as far as to Legion, Olivia and Aeron. We also got a fun little twist that I had to read a couple times to make sure I read right regarding Paris-Strider.

However...I don't know...Paris got annoying. I can't explain it. I got tired of him. Maybe I had built this one up too much in anticipation. He does have a sex demon so of course he's meant to be sexing it up all the time but I honestly got a little tired of him in this book and rolled my eyes in a few scenes with him and Sienna.

Some nice future possibilities for Sienna and Paris for the future books as to their new roles. I'll think on this one...might change my rating later.