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Quick to the Hunt - Cameron Dane This type of book almost always draws the 5 star rating from me. Raw, emotional, characters who need to overcome a trauma or bad break, and a loving supportive partner who doesn't give up on them despite mistakes made. This has been a great series from start to finish (still have a couple yet to read since I read out of order). Story of Alex, a businessman, and Hunter, an ex-military rancher.

Alex sees that the guy he is falling for is hiding a number of deep, painful secrets in battling his PTSD. The author doesn't pull any punches with the battle those with PTSD face. It's raw, ugly and heartbreaking what someone battles going through this painful disease/trauma. Alex tries to force Hunter's secrets out and doesn't understand the ramifications of doing so. Alex makes mistakes, just like Hunter does with his inability to trust people and believe in himself.

There was no easy fix for these guys. They both screw up and inadvertedly hurt the other despite how much they care for each other. Hunter had to learn ways to cope with and without Alex. Alex had to learn that sometimes showing your love means taking a step back and letting your partner become strong on his own. However, with Alex's help, the love and support of his family, and good therapy, Hunter figures out how to cope with his demons. They never go away, but he learns how to manage and control them so they don't take away the good things in his life.

Some reviewers have called this BDSM. As someone who reads a lot of BDSM, I didn't see that in the story. There is a lot of rough sex because of what Hunter is battling. Maybe some slight domination but I saw it more as rough sex than anything long term BDSM or D/s. Alex, normally a top, gets his buttons pushed with the rough sex and loves it. The cabin scene was particularly hot, hot, hot.

Another really good read from Cameron Dane.