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Room at the Top - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow Geez, the BDSM scenes in this were so good. All 3 of the MCs were such a perfect mix. Austin and Jay were so in love and so adorable. Their love was easily apparent and felt real. They realized they needed a dom and enter Liam recommended by a friend. Liam worked for them and wasn't a threat to their relationship - he added to it and made it better. Liam felt right being added in and the authors did a great job showing how he was needed for Jay and Austin. We also got Liam, a dom who had hidden his need to be a dominant, come back into the fold. Liam had never dommed males before so we got to see both his excitement before each session, his planning and his nervousness of wanting to make sure Austin and Jay got what they needed. This was nice to see as so often we see the doms being experienced and all knowing. Liam wasn't - but he paid attention and got to know Austin and Jay. The story also seemed very realistic in how Liam came to accept that he wasn't as straight as he argued and eventually shared his history. Nice story of the three of them coming together.

Like for others, the character of April was so distracting and annoying. One could argue that characters like this emerge in real life and people have to deal with them but I found her nothing but distracting to the story and didn't find her needed. There was enough conflict/angst without her. That gal needs a serious spanking and not the fun kind. If she had been kept to just 1 scene, it would have been ok but the scene with Liam was too much.

Overall, this was a really, really good book. April knocked it down a 1/2 star from what would otherwise been a 5 star read for me. Would have been a 5 star without April and a last sex scene that had Jay also getting his own personal lovin' with Liam and Austen helping out . It ended at a HFN and I was ok with that. Things are still new and they are working through them and still getting to know each other so it made sense for me.

Would really like to get a 2nd book or follow up short to see how the guys are doing.

EDITED: After thinking about it...I'm bumping this up to 4.5 stars. April and what I noted in the spoiler above is only worth a 1/2 star deduction. I loved these MCs.