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Three Wishes - Sean Michael 4.5 stars. I think if you are a Sean Michael fan and like his style of writing you'll enjoy these 3 stories with a little extra backstory running about the guys managing the islands and fantasies. The book had kind of a Hammer feel to it with a little bit more edge than the Hammer books.

In the first story you have Benji and Thor. Benji is dealing with insecurities and decides to take a chance on a fantasy as a sub where he can receive some body modifications and be forced to submit. Thor is all dom and not necessarily looking for a submissive, but, of course, falls for Benji in the end. Some very hot D/s scenes between these two.

Next up, are Roman and Alan. They are long time 24/7 D/s partners. They are looking for a little extra kink where Alan can experience some scenes that Roman isn't comfortable doing on his own. I liked that this one didn't end perfectly but ended in a way of having the couple reaffirm their love for each other. This story has a little heavier play in it than most Sean Michael scenes.

The third story is about Quinn and Pierce. Another long term couple who have had a very vanilla love life. Quinn has secretly desired more and they end up together on the island as each other's fantasy where they are so-not vanilla with some very kinky and hot medical play. Nice story about the need of communication.

Running behind these stories is the story of Guard, Damian and James. We don't get the whole story but these guys were partners in business and love until tragedy struck James sometime in the last couple of years. Damian holds himself responsible and James is battling some demons and has pushed the other guys away. It's clear they still care for each other. We only get some clues about them as it appears their story will be what carries from book to book.

Overall, this was a very good, kinky read. Strong D/s and BDSM. I'd grade it moderate in places while light in others. If you like Sean Michael, I think you'll enjoy this one.