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Destiny Calling - Fabian Black I've read a few Fabian Black books on domestic relationships and this is another one that I greatly enjoyed. Sam could have been an extremely annoying and frustraing character, for Colin and his friends, Sam was both. For me, it was clear that Sam was wracked with insecurity given his upbringing. He cared for Colin deeply and didn't think Colin could actually care for him because he didn't see himself as worthy. He had so little about love from his upbringing to draw from in how to act. So, he acted out trying to push Colin too far. Colin struggles to understand his attraction to the "brat" and how to deal with him.

When Sam finally starts to believe that Colin really does care for him and when Colin gives what Sam needs - stability and love - and Colin in return gets someone who will always excite him and upturn his predictable world, we see them both settle down into their relationship. Sam will always be a smart ass - Fabian Black writes them great - but there is a loving presence to him as well that only Colin gets to see. I hurt for Sam at times given what he had to overcome and how he struck out and understood Colin's frustration. However, Colin's patience won out.

I greatly enjoyed this book.