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Louder Than Sirens, Louder Than Bells (Love is Always Write) - K.D. Sarge I greatly enjoyed this one. Another very good participant in the LIAW event. It started out a little bit too slow for my taste with too much about their college project but I'm glad I hung with it because the last half of the book was extremely good. The slow build up actually made the ending seem more possible.

I enjoy stories where our MCs have had to overcome difficulties in their lives. Perfection is boring for me. These two guys have both had their difficulties. Lukas is Allan's rock. One of the few people in his life who wants to be there for him, warts and all, no matter what. Allan makes Lukas' life interesting. Lukas is solid, dependable, predictable. He needs Lukas to add the shake up and laughter. The photo and story prompt from the LIAW event fit perfectly.

My favorite section:
"I want a great big bed in that loft and lots of sex in that bed," he said.

"Lots of sex," I said. "In bed and out of it."

"And after—" He stopped, swallowed, and his voice got softer, "After a few years in the loft, maybe a nice house…maybe?"

"A nice house," I agreed. "In a pretty neighborhood. With a park."

"But still close to Chinese take-out."

"Must have," I said.

"And…maybe a dog," he whispered, raising his eyes to mine. "A Greyhound."

"Maybe two."

"Our house should have lots of room," he breathed. "And a yard. And…and a tree."

"A house without a tree isn't fit for a dog."

"And…kids?" he asked.

"And kids," I said. "Yes. Please."

"I'll get depressed again," he warned. "True love doesn't fix everything."

"I'll be there," I promised. "I won't let you fall. I want to climb with you, Alan. I want to climb everything with you."