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Guttersnipe - Isa K. Interesting take on slave fic. Had some nice world building and twists to the mystery side of the story. Derek's behavior in the beginning as a disease spreading vigilante was hard to wrap my head around in a hero.

Felt it was probably more gay fiction than gay romance which I hadn't been expecting. I got that Derek was not meant for slavery, whether bdsm voluntary or forced, so couldn't fit into Marco's world. I couldn't see why, though, Marco and Derek couldn't be friends or, at least collaborators, when it was clear there wasn't going to be a romance. When it ended, I felt the true love story was that of Marco and Zach and I found myself wanting that to happen and absorbing any scenes with them. Derek and Nick seemed pretty rushed to me and I was never completely convinced that Nick cared for Derek until after the great escape (which was very well crafted) and it felt then it might be more out of appreciation for what Derek had done.