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Love & Agony - S.L. Armstrong, K. Piet This book is made up of a series of shorts – mainly involving single scenes between different couples. One M/F with the rest being M/M. Most had a dominant/submissive theme to them as well with one being dub con/non con - rest consensual. On average about 10 pages to each story/scene although some a little longer.

**Indicates shorts where I need longer length stories! If I don’t get them, then this book has been an incredibly mean tease!!!!

The Wolf Pack's Lady – Short that helps set up some of the paranormals that follow. Scene involving moon declaring her feelings for a wolf shifter. Paranormal M/F. 3 stars.

Blood and Absinthe – Lee pays for an hour of Roderick’s time at a carnival. After, Roderick pushes and warns him away from doing it again. Had a paranormal vibe to it. M/M. 2.5 stars.

Orion - This was a much darker scene between Alaric and Orion. These two are vampires with the much smaller Orion being the clear master. The words on the page sizzled on this one with its darker edge. Overall, had a very dark vibe to it. BDSM light. Paranormal m/m. 3 stars.

His Kitten – Playful scene between elf lovers Maelog and Darron that also turns into a very hot scene encompassing their feelings for each other. Paranormal m/m. 4 stars.

Welcome Home - Super sweet and sexy scene of reunited lovers Lisril (a demigod) and Val (a half demon). Paranormal m/m. 3.5 stars.

**Unwilling Compromise - Harsh, intense short involving a wolf shifter and a captured vampire. I’m hoping these two lead somewhere but couldn’t help but feel sadness at how they were starting out. This was the only noncon/dub con in the book. Lots of pain and anger and hard to enjoy in a single scene – although I might enjoy a longer story involving them. BDSM hardcore. Paranormal m/m. 3 stars.

Angel Lost - This was one of my favorites in this book. Story of Llirr, a fallen angel who becomes a demon, who captures the angel Jophiel. The book’s scene follows Llirr’s capture and torture of Jophiel when Llirr finally agrees to give Jophiel some freedom and opens up to some hidden feelings. Very intense short of a master and captive, a bit longer than the others in the book. Paranormal m/m. 4 stars.

Black Pearls - A sweet scene involving a returning drayonslayer named Wolfe who is in love with Garrett, a prostitute who wishes he could be Wolfe’s alone. Paranormal m/m. 3.5 stars.

Worship Me - Scene with a long term D/s couple (Allessandro and Damian). These two made me smile and clear that they were in love and keeping things hot in the relationship. BDSM light. Contemporary m/m. 4 stars.

**Temptation Calls - What a tease this one is! I want more of Gideon and Aubrey and all we got was a few quick pages. These two need a longer story and a HEA NOW!!!! Paranormal m/m. 3.5 stars because it’s so short. Mad at authors if they don’t give us a story on this one.

Never Let Go – Short of the elf Rayfier bringing his love, Lyis, back to life. Paranormal m/m. 3 stars.

**A Bitter Reunion - Bittersweet reunion between Michael (angel) and Morningstar (an exiled angel). I really liked the character of Morningstar. This is another that needs a longer story with it and there are hints that it might be destined for m/m/m? Paranormal m/m. 3.5 stars.

All Grown Up – Short of the human Warrick returning home to his vampire protector Samuel. Warrick is all grown up now and intends for Warrick to see him as a potential lover. Paranormal m/m. 3 stars.

**Rehabilitation - Daygan is a freed lust slave/elf who Cathal is helping. My heart broke for Daygan and the kindness that Cathal offered him. I want to see a future between Daygan and Cathal. Another that needs a longer story. Paranormal m/m. 4 stars.

**The Vampire's Boy – Very hot scene involving Jasper and his Vampire master London. I want more of this couple including how London brought Jasper back from the abuse previously suffered. Very sensual couple and looks like a lot of story yet to tell. I want more on them. BDSM light. Paranormal m/m. 4 stars.

Ashe's Choice - Sexy little short about incubus twins who finally release the spell they have placed on a human that they have held and discover that the human just might want to stay even without their spells. Paranormal m/m/m. 3 stars.

"deleted scene" from Catalyst – Catalyst was one of my favorite m/m books from last year. This was a great deleted scene that appears to have taken place sometime during Catalyst. Super hot sounding scene and sweet discussions with Kasper and Logan admitting they both want the relationship to last. Although Catalyst is BDSM, this scene is not. Contemporary m/m. 4.5 stars because I adore anything involving this couple.