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Power Play: Resistance - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant Read this one with the 2nd book. Looking back, I enjoyed this one more reading the books back to back because it was so much easier to see the progression of their relationship. These are two people of incredible stubborness who are clearly made for each other - even though they don't seem at face value like a good fit as a dom and sub.

We get a lot of pages between the 2 books to see that progression which I greatly enjoyed. The progression of their relationship felt more realistic. Too often in BDSM books, a switch seems to get flipped by the sub where they come to accept their submission because the author is typically limited to 150 pages to do so. In reality, it's often fought more and this series had the pages to show a much more realistic portrayal of a sub who fights his submission.

Great writing. Over the series, the MCs both screw up and learn from it although it takes awhile because they are unsure of each other, have misunderstandings and won't trust each other (Brandon especially). In this book, the BDSM scenes are very intense with the last ones not really BDSM to me because Jonathan was just trying to drive Brandon to end it all at that point. These scenes are not for the squeamish. Both these guys are incredibly mixed up and stubborn and make a ton of mistakes in this book. It's hard to read at times.

For those interesting in trying this book, have the 2nd one ready to read right after...you'll enjoy it more I think. By the way...2nd book is the love story :) - they learn from their mess of mistakes in the 1st book.