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Marathon Cowboys - Sarah Black This was a nice, easy story for the most part. I enjoyed the MCs. Jesse was an artist who was sure of himself and his sexuality. Maryboy was recently out of the military and readjusting to being out and being able to fall in love. Although I felt the I Love Yous came a bit fast, I was enjoying the developing relationship. I especially enjoyed the details as Maryboy attempted to get his cartoon career off. The writing made the cartoons come to life for me.

What dropped this a full star for me was the shooting. This seemed to come out of nowhere and there was no resolution to it. I would have preferred that the guys had to work at rebuilding the trust in their relationship the old fashioned way rather than having the almost instant forgiveness when Jesse's life was in danger. The shooting didn't make sense overall except as some sort of plot device to make an easy fix to bring the MCs together. Otherwise, there should have been some threats leading up to it, Jesse going ahead knowing those threats, etc. etc.