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Cowboy Casanova - Lorelei James I enjoyed this book in the Rough Riders series. I must admit that I might have been expecting more, however. I was a huge Ben fan from the previous books. As a BDSM reading fan, the anticipation of finally getting a confirmed dom might have built this up a bit too much for me. I loved Ben and his dominate personality, but I was expecting a bit more in the BDSM scenes. They seemed way too light for me given his personality. However, I appreciated that the author finally went there with a confirmed dom. I also liked that Ben and Ainsley had to contend with public explosure given their living and working rural Wyoming that is so often pushed under the rug in BDSM books. Ben's concern especially seemed realistic in not knowing how his family would grapple with having his private life exposed. He shouldn't have had to worry about that, but it's a realistic concern for him veruss someone living in a more urban area.

I liked Ben and Ainsley as a couple. Especially that Ainsley was 38 and Ben 32. It's nice to see a slightly older demographic for this love story versus the previous that had tended to trend more with couples in the 20s. Their age seemed to settle them a bit although there was of course the misunderstandings to build some plot angst. I appreciated we didn't have the multiple partners - we had a couple who were trying to figure each other out and no one else in the picture while they were doing it. I liked that Ainsely was an established career woman.

Next books...off to read Tell's book. Dalton's actions in this one did not warm him to me although Quinn's reaction was priceless. I'm also looking forward to Gavin's book but must admit that Rielle has some hole digging to do for me.