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Poppy's Pleasure - Stormy Glenn I really debated my rating on this one. I liked Poppy and Dean. I was concerned that Poppy was too innocent, making him almost child like, but the paranormal element allows the suspended belief that he could have been that isolated growing up, kept in a cage, etc. that he would be that innocent. Also, although Poppy's age is never given, I assumed it was probably 18-20 which helped me go with the story a little better. I liked Poppy. He didn't necessarily have child like thoughts - he was just new to the world he had been kept away from.

Dean irked me a little. For an assassin, he came across pretty bumbling at times. Plus, the whole outing of Jonas and Braden was beyond stupid. He couldn't think of any other way to get them to come to their room and have them be mad at him to spur Poppy's shift? That was apparently the reason for that storyline but it was pretty stupid for me. Also, the fact that Dean didn't question Gage about everything involving the changes after Poppy bonded was also very odd for someone who was supposed to be so smart.

I would have also liked to have seen Dean and Poppy in more of that quiet time Poppy described - would have made their falling for each other more sure for me. Otherwise, everything happened really fast (which isn't out of the norm for Stormy Glenn).

Overall, I liked this one but loved the 1st book so much more.