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Lover Mine  - J.R. Ward What I liked:
-John and Xhex getting their love story after so much of them pushing each other away. I doubt it'll be smooth waters ahead with these two but I liked where they were at the end of this book.
-Blay starting to date Saxton. Yeah, I know I shouldn't like it but it finally made Qhuinn start to pay attention to what he was going to be losing. Might get Q to move on his feelings finally.
-Tohr and Darius backstory and how it links to Xhex. Nice way of the story coming full circle.

What I didn't like:
-Paranormal investigator pages. I think all those pages could have been left out except for the last scene with Xhex seeing the face on the tv program. I must admit to flipping through the pages dealing with the investigators.
-Blay's whispered I Love You being unheard although it wouldn't have mattered if it was. He's laid his feelings out for Qhuinn before and Qhuinn knows how he feels for him. The problem is clearly Qhuinn.
-Lash. Crazy, evil villian. He was a great balance to John in the good/bad and he will be hard to replace - although I was pleased to see him finally head off into the great beyond.
-Layla - I don't hate her but I want her crush on Qhuinn gone and every time Q interacted with her, when his feelings were clearly for Blay, my heart broke a little just like Blay's.