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Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #9) - J.R. Ward This book felt like a change of pace from the other books. In this book, there were several stories going that all seemed to carry equal weight. I enjoyed the change of pace from the lesser fighting.

Payne and Manny – they got the love story in this one and they were adorable together. I loved Manny and that he stood right up to V from the beginning. Payne was tough but also adorable in her exploration of life. Payne is one of my fave females and I’m glad she gets to be in love and still fight.

The Bastards – I liked the introduction of these guys. They don’t appear to be all bad, yet are sure to be a challenge to the Brothers.

V & Jane – I always wondered why we didn’t hear of the ceremony for V and Jane and I’m glad that was addressed. V has always been a tempermental one. Yeah, he was a bit self absorbed but he had lived through hell and not really confronted it and it finally couldn’t be shoved away anymore. I liked how it was handled between Butch, Jane and Marissa all playing some role. Jane and V needed to say some things that hadn’t been said and I liked that it got out. I also apprecaite that Ward couples from earlier books don't just fade into the background. We continue to get an occasional story with them. It was good to check in with Jane and V. I'm hoping Z and Bellla get another peak again as my fave couple. Plus, I like the close relationship of V and Butch and how lines blur without affecting the love of their shellans. They definitely ventured into new territory in this one.

Qhuinn and Blay – I’m glad that Qhuinn is finally turning a corner. He’s growing up and part of that is realizing the pain of what he let go when he pushed Blay away. Yeah, he wasn’t ready then but he’s finally admitting that Blay is his true love and the reason now that he’s now involved with him is because he thinks he’s happy with Saxton. I also liked the friendship that has developed with Layla. Although, I don’t like the hints we are getting as to where this might be headed with them, they truly seem to be just friends and they both need a friend. The angst between Qhuay is hard to read at times because we get mostly angst from these two.