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Ty's Obsession - S.J.D. Peterson I must admit to being a total sucker for stories where a MC overcomes abuse or hardship. Ty is a very, very angry young man. He's been shown so little love in his life and in the previous book we see him latch onto Quinn who loves him as a friend. Ty wants more than that, however, and starts to harbor dark thoughts on how to get rid of Lorcan and get Quinn for himself. In steps Blake who recognizes the destructive path Ty is walking down and offers to be Ty's dom for a week in the hope of getting Ty to release all that anger. Blake is patient but firm and gives Ty what he needs; someone he can trust to submit to, structure, the power of touch and approval. It was beautiful watching Ty calm and settle when finally given comfort and care. Blake has his own demons that we see Ty start to heal for him.

In this 3rd book of the series, we also get to see more of Quinn and Lorcan as they continue to strengthen as a couple. I still question a bit Quinn being able to give up the dom he was before Lorcan came back. I'm hoping there's enough kink with Lorcan to keep him happy because there are hints in this book that made me wonder if Quinn still didn't need his dom side. I'm hoping Lorcan and Quinn are finally solid as I'm not interested in revisiting any kind of triangle with those two and anyone else.

As with the other books, the characters in this series continue to feel real to me. They screw up. They learn from their mistakes and we see them grow and mature book by book.

This ends as a HFN for Blake and Ty (who are my fave couple so far in this series). I am hoping that there is a 4th book where we can see more of Blake and Ty's story and see how things turn out for them (and maybe get Jesse's story). If you read this one, it really helps to have read the previous book, but it could be read as a stand alone because the focus is so much on Ty and Blake. The BDSM scenes are light to moderate for those who like to know.

Really good follow up for fans of this series.