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Fettered - Lyn Gala This book was the full package for me. Vin and Dylan as the MCs appear to be a good match and I liked how their relationship progressed. Vin seemed a lot older than 25 and I would have been fine with a bigger age gap between him and Dylan. Vin came across as a gruff but intriguing character with a heart underneath all that gruff. Dylan, was pretty innocent, yet had a really good value system and strong common sense. Made him come across older than his 19 years. There was also some nice spots of humor.

We also didn't have Dylan being cast out when he came out to his family with his sister and dad not being surprised. His mom's response may not have been perfect, but you knew she loved Dylan and her main worry was Dylan getting hurt which Dylan figured out. A very good story line not only on the budding romance but the story of a family under extreme stress. We had a clear bad guy and how that bad guy affected those around him including the MCs. Some tough scenes and my heart broke for that family.

There was also an excellent supporting cast with Dylan's family and Miss Dolphinia (what a character!). The BDSM scenes were very well done and more than the basics. Things didn't get too rough but there were some stronger than basic scenes with Vin being a sadist and Dylan learning he is a masochist. Vin also showed you didn't need to have an expensive club membership to drive your sub crazy.

Overall, this is my favorite so far in 2013 and I'm already downloading others by this author to read.