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Opening Moves - Sean Michael Holy smutfest :) Of the 100 pages of this novella, I think 90 were sex scenes. This is Sean Michael at his smuttiest :) This is for those just looking for sexy fun.

Rook, Knight and Bishop are rich and a commited threesome. They are all secure in their love of each other and have been together long term. They are looking to add a fourth. Although Rook loves the other two and feels completely loved back, Knight and Bishop have a somewhat D/s relationship and Rook needs someone for him, too, in a non-D/s capacity. They would all play together as well. Knight spots Jason in his art class as a potential fourth and thinks he's the one they've been looking for. They offer Jason $500k for one year of service as their sexual fourth. They agree to a contract with some limits. Jason has never been with guys before but needs the money and finds himself attracted to Rook.

I admit to liking the guy's names as chess pieces but it probably took me 20 pages before I could keep them straight. Bishop is the household's clear leader, quiet, authoritative and very toppy/dom. Knight is an artist who used to be an addict. He wouldn't sleep without Bishop forcing it, up all hours, doesn't eat well, etc. Stereotypical artist type. He needs Bishop's control to keep him in check. Rook is the sweetie of the household. The peacemaker. The supportive partner to all of them. Jason is the naive innocent who Rook can take care of, cuddle with and love but still share with his other partners.

The BDSM in this is fairly light and mainly just kink. Mostly bondage, spanking and some domination of Knight by Bishop which Knight desperately needs. Rook does not have a need for any of that kink but he certainly helps Knight at Bishop's direction, enjoys participating because it pleases Knight. There's no angst and it's a quick read. It's pure kink and sex between 4 guys who care for each other. Don't be expecting a deep, emotional read or much of a story - it's just pure porny fun for when you want to fire up your pistons :) It's not fair to compare this with some of Sean Michael's longer, angst and story driven books. I'm giving it 4 stars when I compare it to other sex crazed novellas. :)