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Plugs (Sealed with a Kink Series, Book One) - Sean Michael I liked this but then there was also so much missing. This was a very hot scene involving a sub and dom told entirely from the sub's POV. I also found it a bit edgier than most of Sean Michael's writing with some stronger scenes of humiliation and heavier physical play than is typically present in his stories. I liked that because it was clear the sub got off on it. Very hot scene.

But, with it being told entirely from the sub's POV, I was left at the end with a lot of questions. Why did the dom wait a year to have penetrative sex? Did something happen that the sub wouldn't tell us about? There was obviously still some miscommunication of feelings between the two so something had apparently happened to have them go awry.

Overall, hot scene but I would have loved to have the entire scene at the end of the short told entirely from the dom's POV so we could compare. That would have notched up this rating for me.