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Lover Reborn - J R Ward Loved this one.

Tohr and Autumn - I appreciate that these two characters were broken and it was going to take a lot of time for them to heal. This book takes place over the course of a year and that felt right for these two. Their story was truly a grown up love story with all the complications of it. It was a painful road at times, so incredibly painful. I felt both their anguish as they attempted to move on. Tohr’s meltdown and lashing out at Autumn was painful but it also helped her develop more of her backbone and stand up for herself. I would have liked a little bit more self awareness from Tohr of his developing feelings for Autumn but we got enough hints to make it ok when he admitted his true feelings. I also appreciated that they didn't jump to a bonding ceremony. These two still need some time.

John & Xhex – Finally, these two appear to have worked things out.

Autumn & Xhex – I loved how Xhex was rewarded with her mom being in her corner. She needed that I appreciated that Autumn would be the one to see the facts of the situation.

Qhuinn & Blay – Their interactions in this one would have been pure pain if I didn’t know their love story was next. That was all that got me through the agony that is rolling off these two in this book in not being able to have the other. Q’s “I Love You” was missed liked Blay’s was. And Layla…I didn’t like what went down but immediately after it was clear that they were not in love and it was not about love between them. I hated that scene and the effect it had on Blay. Tore my heart out. I also felt that Layla was really selfish in her request of Q at that time. I get Q’s need for a family and how that vision of his daughter affected his decision. “Our future has come” was so needed for this Qhuay fan. Another book of angst for them after 4+ was going to be too much for me. I need their story now!

The Bastards – Oh, these guys mean business and I like that they are good and bad. The Xcor and Layla dynamic seems promising although I hope poor Throe gets a love story.

Saxton – I hope Saxton continues to be the good guy he appears to be and is rewarded for it some day.

Lassiter – oh man, how I love that smart assed angel. I hope he gets his love story but that it’s a few books away so we get plenty of Lassiter until then.