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Lover Revealed  - J.R. Ward It felt right for Butch to struggle with his place in the Brotherhood and his need to be more that his perceived feeding off of them. Butch’s turning was very well done. Yum on some possessive Wrath!

I feel bad for V because there's clearly different types of feelings from V for Butch than vice versa. Both would lay down their lives for each other but it's clear V wouldn't mind testing the waters a little further than Butch is interested in going. Clearly, for Butch, Marissa is his love. However, he'd do about anything for V. I'm glad the author didn't shy away from there being some male on male feelings.

I was pretty annoyed with Marissa not wanting Butch to fight but overall I like Marissa.

Glad to see the Qhuinn-Blaylock-John friendship develop. The scene with Wrath and John when Tohr's chair gets moved was pretty powerful. The Brotherhood is protective of John and we see through John's eyes the pain he is. He just got his family only to lose it and struggles long term as a result for his place. Nice to see Z be the brother who takes on a bigger role for John.