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Lover Avenged  - J.R. Ward I have always liked Rehvenge despite him clearly crossing lines between bad and good. Hated that princess bitch. So needed to die. Overall, this book came across as an incredibly sad and depressing read to me. Rehvenge was weighed down throughout the book. He felt like a guy who was physically and mentally exhausted with his life. It seemed he just wanted some peace. A simple, loving relationship was exactly what he needed. Ehlena seemed to give him that but he didn’t believe in a future given his life. Underneath all the bad things he did, he was also someone who protected and cared for those he loved. The scene where Rehv is found and how he was being kept was so detailed and the biggest creep fest in this series so far!

As far as the rest of the characters – not much to cheer for through this book. We had Wrath physically deteriorating, John mad at Tohr, John and Xhex pushing each other away and into self destruction, John becoming a hardened shell and Blay miserable that he can’t have Qhuinn. Light moments were few and far between - Am hoping we get more Trev – like him, and I liked seeing Tohr start to come back to the Brotherhood. Some nice scenes where he showed he was a crack shot and that the Brothers started teasing him again. Also good to see Phury in a position to come back to the Brotherhood. And that Lassiter, how I love thee. Also good to see Wrath move forward given his vision worsened and that the author was willing go there with him and have things get worse for him and him have to learn to deal with it - loved George! Good for Mary and Beth in pushing Wrath.

Given the violence this author is willing to write in this series, I worry for Xhex in the next book.