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The Good Boy - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock Emma and Monique have both done amazing reviews. I'll only add that this book was heartbreaking and uplifting, funny and sad, and made me cry tears of sadness and joy.

This was Lane and Derek's book and their love story really rocked me. Story of misconceptions, evil people, good people and how big a difference just caring about a fellow human will have. In Derek's case, it led to finding the love of his life.

If the puppy play puts people off, please don't let it. It's very soft and comforting and not at all what you are expecting. It was beautiful and it worked for both of them just perfectly.

Hated every abuse suffered by Lane, his deadbeat parents, the evil that was Acton. Loved Andy and Christy's zoo of characters, Erin and who ended up taking Andy in. Wonderful supporting cast of characters - please give us more of Brin and Ferg (love J.A. Rocke's domestic discipline stories).

Difficult read at times but I simply loved this one. Am hoping we get more from this writing team.