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Plan B - S.J.D. Peterson I've been fortunate in recent weeks to reach into my TBR and come up with some true gems. This was another. Loved this book. We had the story of a couple college students falling in love for the first time. One out and proud theatre major and the closeted jock taking his first steps to explore his fantasies involving a man.

Danny. I simply loved Danny. Loved how he expressed himself, his boldness and his vulnerability. Loved his relationship with his straight best friend and his wonderful, supportive family. He was a good guy. He was funny, sarcastic and sexy. He was also new to taking a chance on love.

Lance. I loved Lance even when he frustrated me. He started out such a jerk but grew on me fast when he wanted to walk Danny home. We only got Danny's POV in this one and I missed having Lance's but Lance came across pretty clear in this. He was struggling. You could see that he liked Danny and was atrracted. I liked the tough jock who loved to cuddle with Danny, say wonderfully sweet things and would text message routinely and keep contacting Danny. It was clear Danny was more than a fuck buddy but it was also clear it was going to be a struggle for him to come out.

Although my heart hurt for these guys, the 3 year break was needed so they could both grow up some more. Although Danny had a pretty good idea of who he was and what he wanted in college, he made some mistakes by walking away instead of laying it all on the line and needed some time. Clearly, Lance needed the time the most to "settle" and to learn that he didn't really want to settle for second best. That Danny being a "Plan B" was the most wonderful plan he could take a chance on. Fortunately, they got a chance to reconnect and this time, the timing was right for both of them. The reconnection was wonderful and I loved the epilogue

My only negative is I wish we could have gotten some POVs from Lance, yet, I don't want to give up a single POV from Danny to get it. That would have meant a 400 page long book which is probably not reasonable except to appease this reader. :) Also - loved the photo cover.