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Pup (Guards of Folsom, #1) - S.J.D. Peterson Nice start to the new Folsom books.

Tackett: I enjoyed he was in his mid 40s, struggling with a mid life crisis and made Micah work for it. He was all dom when he finally decided to give Micah a chance. He enjoyed touching Micah and figured out fairly quickly how his touching affected Micah. Although I did cringe a little at the punishment scenes because they were still figuring each other out so mistakes made (especially Tackett). This relationship moved pretty fast over the two weeks but it also felt like the right pace for Tackett to figure Micah out. That Micah needed a morning routine and discipline to keep his focus. Tackett didn't want to change Micah's daring, he just wanted to ensure it could be controlled and focused when needed. He liked his cocky pest :). From how Tackett was physically described, you could see why Micah wanted him. Total hotness.

Micah: How could anyone not like Micah? He came across so cocky, yet, we got to see his inner doubt and turmoil. He clearly knew he wanted Tackett but that didn't mean he didn't occasionally have some self doubts about himself. Micah was the shot of life that Tackett desperately needed at that stage of his life. My heart broke for Micah when he was beating himself up. He desperately wanted to be perfect for Tackett and that was simply impossible. He had to learn that Tackett didn't want perfection, he wanted his focus and he could help him. Micah also didn't have a troubled personal history or having suffered abuse - that was a nice change. By the way, here's the author's inspiration for Micah - fits him perfectly: http://sjdpetersonwrites.blogspot.com/2012/11/micah-aka-pup.html

The age gap worked really well for me. The scene in the park where they kissed and held hands was so sweet. I also enjoyed that this was a 24/7 type relationship. Liked that Micah was a sensualist and he needed to be able to touch Tackett. I also appreciated that it was Micah who once again came fighting back for Tackett. Loved also that Tackett was a dom who occasionally liked to get fucked. He remained a dom when he did it, even when he didn't mean to :) Just what Micah needed.

My only negative is I wish we would have gotten a little after care after the Tackett bottoming scene. Ended abruptly. I really wanted some cuddling and maybe some inner dialogue from both about how they were falling in love? Some happened in the later scene but felt like it should have been there. I also wish there had been a discussion of therapy as an option for Micah's focus. Maybe he had tried it? Wanted to have had it discussed.

Cover was gorgeous.

And this Ty and Blake fan LOVED the cameos from them. Sigh...adorable. In particular when Ty gave Micah advice (very funny) and then when Tackett sought advice of Blake.

Best line..."What's not to love?" Total Micah :)