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Bound by the Vampire Queen - Joey W. Hill This entire series has been one amazing book after another. This story picks up from the first two books in the Vampire Queen series in giving us more of the amazing love story that is Lyssa and Jacob. Like the previous books, this book is raw and the vamps and fae here are the dark, erotic, complicated and brutal characters one would expect and not softened like we see so often in other stories. We have Lyssa and Jacob being ordered to Fae land by the Fae Queen who does not appear to be a fan of Lyssa's increasing powers. Then, Lyssa and Jacob also have to deal with the Vampire Council who are also complicating things in wanting more power over their baby son Kane. The couple has road block after road block put up that only due to their relationship, desire to protect the other, strength and intelligence are they able to overcome.

This series is adult erotica in addition to the incredible story to be told. Like the other books, the sex was lava hot with Lyssa getting a bit of her domme back following her uncertain last two years. We also get a vampire get together sexual orgy which is a bit tamer than in previous books but nonetheless still hot and dirty.

This book for me was about Jacob and Lyssa coming back to where they began but as a couple now strong in their relationship and who they are at their core individually. They are now a united front, secure in their love and trust of the other, battling the rest of the world with ever increasing friends. Lyssa is a vampire queen regardless of her Fae blood and Jacob is her willing, but not at all submissive, servant. Their relationship is incredibly complicated except for one clear truth, they are each other's soul.

Joey Hill's writing is top of the line. Fae land appears to be Disney World on crack and and way too many Red Bulls. Chaotic and orderly at the same time. Such a wide array of characters that jump off the page due to the author's writing. I felt like I was right there in how descriptive it all was. I was completely drawn into this complicated and colorful world.

Fans of the series will also get some glimpses of previous characters and how they are doing (my faves continue to be the Daegan-Anwyn-Gideon combo) and some beautiful updates on how things are going with them (one will make you cry in happiness if you're a Mason-Jess fan...). You get these glimpses while at the same time not drawing too much away from what is clearly Lyssa and Jacob's story. I, however, want some more books to continue the telling of the previous character stories! We clearly need a Mason-Jess update and due to a winning bet by Gideon between him and Daegan, another Daegan-Anwyn-Gideon book is needed for this fan :)

You'll also meet an intriguing new number of characters that I would enjoy reading about and I would love be developed into a Fae series if it couldn't happen in this one. Can Kendwyn find his soul mate(s)? Although he becomes protector to the daughter of a past love, she's clearly more a daughter for him than a love interest. Since he's bi, could be male or female or both in a hot threesome. The guy clearly needs a vamp as a soul mate given his insistence on their inferiority :) It would truly mess up his oh, so controlled world. Then, you have the very complicated Queen Rhoswen and her guard Cayden which could lead to some spanking 101 sessions I'd enjoy reading about :) Finally, there's the sweet Catriona as well. Plenty to write about in Fae land if the author is so moved :) I'd buy.

Overall, this was an amazing read for me in a great series that I will be re-reading (likely due for a re-read of the entire series as well). Amazing, beautiful, love story with a number of twists, some challenging and beautiful characters and really great writing.