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Bad Attitude (Bad in Baltimore, #3) - K.A. Mitchell This book had a LOT of sex. A LOT. More than I was expecting considering previous stories by this author. The first 3/4 of the book is nothing but sex but, I guess, that is how these guys start to fall for each other. I was pretty surprised when it was Jamie who started admitting his feelings first. The few pages we got showing a relationship developing (calling each other, work updates, etc.) was pretty bare. We got a quick "I've never invited anyone here" and a sharing of friends but it was hard to sort through the feelings being so hid.

It was like pulling teeth with these two and fairly frustrating most of the time. I really wanted to like these guys but they were driving me crazy. Lots of sarcasm and bitterness to hide feelings - which I normally enjoy - but it drug on way too long. I wanted to believe these guys were falling for each other but wasn't necessarily FEELING it. I couldn't see a relationship developing from the sex we got.

I also wish Gavin had been able to explain better before the book ended what happened with Beach. And that ending - what the hell? Could we have gotten a moving in together scene or something? Something that was an ending, not a mid scene cut off that had me hunting for missing pages. (Was glad Annabelle was going with.) However, left with questions - are these guys going to make it? Is Gavin going to find something to do to give his life meaning? Maybe the relationship with Jamie will spur that now. Is Lily ok? What was going on with Silver? Wayyyyyy too many questions hanging.

Was fun to catch up with Eli and Quinn, too. I liked this book - mostly - but it was pretty frustrating as well.