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A Shadow of Wings - Linda Gayle A really wonderful story. Loved it. Dylan has had such a tough life but it hasn't broken his beautiful heart. His compassion to help people and animals in bad situations is a reflection of that. Cam is all innocence but can't help falling for the worldly Dylan. Dylan wanted to help Cam and make sure he wasn't being hurt by his "family" so wouldn't let Cam run away to hide. He was also very attracted to Cam and willing to "show him the ropes" so to speak :). It hurt feeling Cam's pain in trying to hide himself and wanting to push Dylan away to protect him from what he had been told was his destiny. These guys were such a perfect fit for each other. It really meant something that Dylan could truly see Cam and look into his eyes. Loved the terms of endearment because Cam had never truly felt love and caring before. He needed and deserved it. Cam also helped Dylan in teaching him how to fight and giving someone for Dylan to fight for. When he got a tough break, he fought his addiction wanting to be better for Cam.

The surprise twist was wonderful - as well as how Dylan didn't run from it. He kept right on fighting for and loving Cam despite getting his world pretty rocked. There was enough bad guys for some drama as well.

This story also had some funny moments. Tash and Dylan's argument was pretty funny in places. I was worried Tash was going to be bad and happy for that not to be. He needs his own story. I'm hoping there are more books as this is an incredible world which has been formed. I want to see Tash get a love interest, more of Cam and Dylan - seeing Izel grow. We know the bad guys will be after them so lots of potential.

Really pleased to have found this one and read it. Nice little love story with a new paranormal twist. Going to be re-reading this one as it's headed to the favorites shelf. *Does have a couple really noticeable name typos.