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Trick - Patricia Logan I am very torn on this novella. I wanted to like the story of a prostitute who is helped by a dom but I didn't feel very good reading it. As a reader of BDSM, it really felt like Trick (Wade) was pushed into online BDSM for sale from his prostitution. It made it feel that the BDSM was a form of porn to me. I would have felt better about this story if Wade had been offered a receptionist job at DOMZ.com and then - after witnessing some BDSM scenes and being turned on - asked to explore it with Master P. Instead, it really felt like Master P not only shoved him into the BDSM, but videoed it for their pay per view customers! Talk about an invasion. I questioned whether a kid a few days over 18 who had been living on the streets since 14 could truly understand that choice - if it even was a choice being influenced by a man who had bought him clothes, food and given him a place to sleep. He feel for the kind stranger because someone was kind to him for once. Did he then truly make a clear choice when asked -on his second day being clothed and fed - to participate in an online, live broadcasting scene? Then, the so-called experienced dom, leaves him alone after a clearly emotional scene. Guh!

I don't have anything against the concept of DOMZ.com, but it didn't feel like Wade was a good candidate for it at this time of his life. I wanted to enjoy this story, but was left feeling pretty creeped out at the end. Ends at a HFN but is so abrupt I'm not entirely sure about that.