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The Brat-tastic Jayk Parker - J.A. Rock I was a big fan of the previous book, Wacky Wednesday and very much enjoyed this one as well.

Jayk was his adorable self. I didn't find him to be that much of a "brat" - he was just Jayk :) Amon was that steady hand in their relationship - keeping things calm for the most part. Jayk provides that levity and spontaneity that Amon needs and Amon provides that calm, dependable person that Jayk needs.

This had some funny LOL lines and scenes. Poor Amon - you know that guy has probably either never had a traffic ticket or always paid ahead of schedule. The scene where he had to deal with someone who was not quite as diligent was pretty funny and a travesty of how everything could go oh so wrong. And Jayk learning about girl parts was pretty funny.

I was glad that there wasn't much sexual play during the body switch. It would have been weird for Jayk and Amon to be attracted physically during the switch. I very much enjoyed getting some very hot sex scenes after the switch! Yum. I enjoy the domestic discipline angle - it works for these guys.

I panicked like Amon did when Jayk went after Ginspurr and how terrified Amon was with what could have happened. I believe we got the strongest reaction we have gotten yet from Amon on how much Jayk means to him. Although it was always clear to me how much he loved Jayk, the fear and admission from him of what the last 3 years had meant was pretty powerful - especially the leaving him alone comment after their misunderstanding and Amon's own interior dialogue. I liked that the misunderstandings between Jayk and Amon were pretty minimal - they are committed to each other and pretty solid in that and I'm glad of it. There can still be funny stories to tell with these two - especially given the trouble Jayk can get into - without it being relationship dividing.

Allen Ginspurr proved to me yet again why I'm a dog person. Dogs are typically happy to see you! Glad that this series has continued. It's sexy and funny.