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What Comes To Hand - Tripoli I read this after the warnings had been properly updated. By the author message, this was meant to unsettle and it did for this reader. This is not safe, sane, consensual bdsm and it was not written to be.

It was evident how much the MCs had drifted apart and I could feel Rob's frustration. This was clearly a deep total power exchange relationship that had lost its way when the dom, Rob, lost his job. He no longer felt in control. Eli needed him to retake that control. The last scene was Rob's heavy handed way of getting that control back. He needed total ownership of Eli again and he went further than many of us who read bdsm was comfortable in their going.

Did I like Rob disregarding Eli's slow down word? Absolutely not. Do I know the history of their previous TPE? No, I do not know that either and that could affect things. Did I like the wasps? Absolutely freaking no. But, it added the dark edge Rob wanted in his possession. Could Eli have just gotten a tattoo instead of a homemade one? Yes, but again this was that dark edge the couple apparently needed in Eli's surrender and Rob's ownership of him in their dom/sub relationship.

I initially thought Eli was the dom but he was apparently pushing his dom for a reaction. Nice turn of the tables.

I liked this unique take because I had the mind set going in with the warning. Be sure to read the warnings on this one because not for all readers.