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Taken by Force - Christopher Pierce This anthology didn't end up being as dark as I thought (which was good for me). I sometimes venture into the naughty kinky stuff which is what this collection of shorts is (mostly). Danny did a nice review on his preferences in this collection. I tended to enjoy the porny ones that come across as more consensual or dub con than the abusive or violent ones that felt non con. Heed the warnings and know that there is nothing here I would support in reality! Here’s my thoughts on the stories.

Frat-napped by Logan Zachary
Kinky kidnap read that was porny fun – nothing too heavy. I was a little creeped out at the brother’s involvement, though. And, who drinks beer from an ass enema???? So glad I never had to join a frat :). 3 stars.

Taking Brian by Shane Alison
This one really didn’t work for me. Guy decides to chloroform and kidnap a college student he’s been wanting. 1 star.

Bloodless Coup by Mark Apoapsis
Another that didn’t really work for me. A revolution occurs where a prince is captured and on a yearly basis he has to pay an “anal” price. 1 star.

Excerpt from Fog by Jeff Mann
I have this book to read so skipped this excerpt.

The Colony by Logan Zachary
This was a creepy kind of children of the corn feel to it. They kidnap a young man and “milk” him to help expand their gene pool. One of the guys assigned to “assist” him helps him flee and goes with him. This was another bit of porny fun that isn’t too heavy. 3.5 stars.

The Diplomat’s Son by Hanks Edwards
The son of a diplomat is kidnapped and enjoys having sex with his captors. 3 stars.

Shank’s Lesson by Rick Polney
Shank is an abusive asshole. This one didn’t work for me. 1 star.

Hudson Woods by K. Appelby
This one had a sci fi vibe to it with a kidnapping and lots of sex. Wasn’t super heavy. 2.5 stars.

Passport to Freedom by Lew Bull
Four journalists are kidnapped and the American takes it upon himself to figure out a way to free them by volunteering to have sex with his captors. Another that was not too heavy because the guy was clearly enjoying it. 3 stars.

The After Workout by Milton Stern
A well endowed male is kidnapped after a workout by twins who are also well endowed that he had been admiring. Very short with some waterworks (which captee enjoys along with the sex). 2 stars.

Intervention by O.H. Fowler
A former doctor encounters a prostitute at a sex party and decides to kidnap him and help him get off drugs. Consensual to dub con in this one with a little bdsm scene. I wasn’t quite sure what the doctor had been accused of which made him leave the profession and wasn’t sure if the accusations were false. There were some hints that were confusing. Another flashback scene seems to have the doctor stepping in to help a teen which is why I was left confused and a bit uncomfortable about the accusations being real. 3 stars – I liked the overall story and scenes between the MCS but probably would have been 4 if I could have felt more comfortable with the doctor’s past (it weighed on me because I could not have enjoyed this and it would have changed my feelings throughout the story had I known for certain the doctor did what he was accused of).

The K9 Project by Christopher Pierce
A heavier feeling of human pet training than [b:Dean's Pup Training|18220362|Dean's Pup Training|Steve B|/assets/nocover/60x80.png|25651829]. I must admit to enjoying this one although it is nothing I would support in reality! A guy in his 20s is kidnapped and turned into a “K9” for sex with intention to be sold later. Heavy medical play feel to it. Twisted form of Stockholm Syndrome. 3.5 stars.

Stolen by Wade Johnson
A male wakes up to hear a thief in his home. He ends up being kidnapped by the thief and sex later occurs which could be dub con. He dreams of his kidnapper. 2 stars.

Calvin Rose by John Caruso
Calvin wakes up kidnapped and doesn’t remember everything about how he got where he was. He is able to turn the tables on his captor. This short had the darkest feel to it of all the shorts and had a really intriguing twist to it that I won’t give away. Some waterworks in this one and the feel is noncon. 2 stars.