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Bound By Lies - Lynn Kelling I have had a really hard time coming up with a review and a rating for this book. Overall, I found it very messy but part of that messiness was what made it enjoyable. I go back and forth on some things. There were parts of this story I absolutely loved and parts that made me really cringe.

I do not need my MCs to be perfect but these two MCs were such a royal mess. They were both screwed up and because of that the things they did didn't always make the most sense and ended up being, well, messy as well. The BDSM scenes were hot and also cumbersome and - here's that word again - messy. Mistakes are made by both. Jenner wasn't the most safest of doms but he's around 23 and still learning. I cringed in some areas but I would expect that there are likely some mistakes because I didn't always believe Jenner was as experienced in being a dom as he felt - especially for a sub lasting more than a single night. Brayden needs to be forced and dominated and Jenner is willing to do so. Brayden's family history causes him to really need a strong support system which he has to build and he's so shy and tormented that it's not always easy. He's also 22 and inexperienced. It takes the book for these guys to figure each other out - only after they figure themselves out and deal with some past histories. Lots of trial and error. They are an imperfect pair who could complement each other well. The support at the end for both MCs was nice.

There were some nice supporting characters in this as well. I loved Callum - yum! There were also a few WTF moments like Jenner's friends doubting him and whether he was hurting Brayden. These long time friends still didn't know Jenner enough. Again...everyone was messy :)

The tense used for the writing would also throw me out of the story a bit at times but that's a separate issue. If this is a confused review - it's because I'm confused in my feelings for this book.