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I, Omega - Kari Gregg Not only is the cover hot but so is the book. The first 30 pages include one long domination/submission scene which gives some backstory and is one of the most erotic sex scenes I've read in m/m d/s in awhile. It simply didn't get old or repetitive. It got into the mind of the sub so completely.

The story is about Gabriel and Cal. Gabriel is an accountant and a long time submissive with a conservative senator for a father (who loves him). Cal is a wolf shifter. Cal bit Gabriel the night they first met so Gabe is also struggling with his body changes and trying to figure out whether Cal really needs him or just wants him after they reconnect two months later. Gabriel wants so bad to be possessed by Cal but they need some getting to know each other time. Plus, Gabriel needs to adjust to Cal's pack and stay safe from those who want him as a rare human omega and Cal's mate. He also needs to find his own strength and acceptance for himself in what he feels for Cal.

It's a master/slave relationship story with some scenes that could be viewed as humiliation so if that doesn't work for you, you've been warned. Lots of sex as well. It was a very hot and enjoyable domination/submission read that I will definitely be reading again. Really good if you enjoy m/m BDSM stories.