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Whiskey and Wry - Rhys Ford This was a great addition to this series. Good mix of stories in this between Damie and Sionn falling in love, Damie and Miki reconnecting, and the story of who was after Damie (hint, a real creep).

You could feel the brother bond between Miki and Damie. How these two needed each other in their lives and how seamlessly they reconnected. The fact that Kane and Sionn were related helped although those guys are quite different, but then so are Damie and Miki. They needed different kind of guys to love him. There were some gaps for me that I was willing to just ignore for the story - like how Damie's body was missed in the crash and how he could be hid in the hospital so long being the public figure he was. But, I love this author's work and just let that go.

I'm a big Kane and Miki fan so really enjoyed those cameos and the check in on how they are doing as a couple. Loved Miki speaking up with pride about his cop and how Kane just gets Miki. Completely. Dude is still Dude. Donal is the father every kid should have.

And talk about a surprise at the end of the story! I was not expecting that brother to get his story next. Looking forward to book 3!